DWI Attorneys

Hiring an experienced DWI attorney is the first and most important thing anyone facing a New York DWI conviction should do. While it may be tempting to some to save a few dollars and allow the public defender's office represent them, this can become a very costly mistake in the long run. The complexities of the New York state DWI / DUI laws require an individual that is well versed and highly trained to interpret them. While the public defender's office is generally staffed with competent lawyers, they will not go to nearly the same lengths on your behalf as an attorney that you have hired to represent you.

While lawyers in New York are licensed to practice in many areas of the law, the complexities of the New York state DWI / DUI laws as well as newer technical issues require an attorney that specializes in handling nothing but DWI cases. Experienced DWI attorney's make their living seeing nothing but DWI/DUI cases and know better than anyone the ins and outs of defending them

For many, the cost of a good attorney is an issue when seeking representation. It is important not to forget that a DWI conviction is a serious crime in the eyes of New York State and you are at the mercy of the state judicial system. The penalties are very harsh and can follow you for a lifetime. Yes, a good DWI lawyer will cost some money, but consider that against a few things.

If an attorney can get your charges dropped due to a procedural technicality, is it worth it? If it means the difference in going to jail for six months and probation, is it worth it? The list could go on and on. To put it bluntly, most of us are not equipped to know the nuances of NY state law and go up against the judicial system on our own. In the instance of personal injury and/or property damage one could easily lose their home and business as well as their freedom. Good representation is essential.

There are many ways of finding a New York DWI attorney. The internet, local newspapers, and the yellow pages are all obvious venues. Word of mouth, should you know someone who has been in a similar situation, can also be a good source. In your initial interview, an attorney should be able to give you a basic idea of how they will defend your case, whether or not they handle DWI / DUI cases exclusively, and an estimate of their fees. You will usually required to pay a retainer fee up front to contract their services.